Woodlands is different …
No exit or deferred management fee. All capital growth retained by you. Company title – you have a say.

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about Woodlands


Woodlands offer you a chance to enjoy an ACTIVE retirement – with new interests, new friends – in an atmosphere of SECURITY.


The Village has been carefully designed in a landscaped garden environment. Motor traffic is confined to perimeter roads and there is no “through” traffic, thus ensuring safety, privacy and quiet.


Woodlands offer both self-care and serviced accommodation.


There are a total of 145 units: 97 self-care “Garden” units and 48 Serviced “Lodge” apartments.


Importantly, the Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day and all units, both self-care and serviced, have “vital call”, providing peace of mind for both the resident and their families.



You OWN your own home – you are not merely the tenant of some organisation. There are no deferred management, entry or exit fees, so if you sell you home in the Village, any capital gain is yours or your families.


Thus Woodlands offers you a first-class real estate INVESTMENT as well as an ideal way of life. Company Title protects your investment.


Woodlands is managed by a Board of Directors, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders who are all residents of the Village. This guarantees that residents have input into the village affairs and lifestyle. In turn, the Board appoints a management team to operate the day-to-day affairs of the Village. The Management team has vast experience in the care of mature residents.


Full on-going care is available.


If the daily chores become too much in later years, you can sell your villa or apartment and buy a fully-serviced suite in The Lodge.


All units, serviced and self-care, have Vital Call for use in emergency. The Lodge is staffed 24 hours.


Residents are required to maintain the interior of their apartments and our maintenance manager is available to assist with small maintenance jobs.